Welcome to our school website – I hope that you enjoy finding out about Stocksbridge Junior School and that it gives you an insight into the ethos of our vibrant school. It is designed to be no more than a brief introduction to our school and, as such, it cannot do justice to the rich variety of educational activity in our school.

Our aim is to provide children with rich and memorable learning experiences, and to foster a love of learning, so that our children become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. We have high expectations for all our children in terms of their work and behaviour, offering both challenge and support, to enable them to achieve their very best. We are very proud of our school, of its commitment to high standards and of its inclusive ethos and I am very proud to serve as its headteacher. 

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to find out any more about the school or to arrange a visit.

Kind regards,
Samantha Gaymond (Headteacher)

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Recent Newsletters

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Recent Letters

  • Football Y34 initial letter.pdf   419k - 9 Jul 2019, 23:57 by T Foster (v2)
  • 2019 05 21 - London Itinerary Letter.pdf   229k - 5 Jun 2019, 01:00 by L Ross (v2)
  • 2019 06 03 - Whitby Deposit Letter.pdf   212k - 5 Jun 2019, 01:00 by L Ross (v3)
    ‎Letter to Y3 parents inviting them to secure a place for their child on the Y4 Whitby residential.‎
  • Cooking_Club June.pdf   205k - 22 May 2019, 06:25 by S Hicks (v2)
  • instrumental letter 2019-2020 (1).pdf   153k - 30 May 2019, 01:38 by L Ross (v2)
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