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Subroutines in Year 4

posted 27 Feb 2019, 10:28 by   [ updated 27 Feb 2019, 10:29 ]

The children in Year 4 have been investigating subroutines as part of their current Computing topic.  They thought about the routine of crossing the road and what actions make up this routine.  To establish this, the children went onto Cedarwood and practised crossing the road!  One their return to class they recording the subroutine in their books.  This will help the children over the coming weeks as they further investigate subroutines in computer programs such as Logo and Scratch.

Safer Internet Day 2019

posted 5 Feb 2019, 09:47 by

Safer Internet Day 2019 saw number of additional lessons across SJS focusing on how children can stay safe online.  The children in Y4 came together to discuss the use of social media and online games.  It was great hear how many children are aware of how to keep themselves safe online and that elements of our e-safety curriculum were raised by the children.  Our discussion was centred around permission to share images of other people online.  If you would like more information on this subject, please follow the link below. 

Stocksbridge Digifest

posted 11 Jul 2018, 03:45 by   [ updated 11 Jul 2018, 04:00 ]

It was a day of digital exploration for the children of Year 5, who took part in a range of exciting high-tech activities as part of the Stocksbridge Digifest. The children began with a morning of coding robots and creating music through Sonic-Pi, followed by an afternoon of coding sprites on Hopscotch and presenting the news using green-screen technology. We would all like to say a huge thank you to the people who made today possible - the team from Sheffield CLC, the Year 8 Digital Ambassadors and Mr Brian from Stocksbridge High School.

Code-Bugs in Year Six

posted 7 Mar 2018, 08:08 by   [ updated 7 Mar 2018, 08:20 ]

Tinkering and De-bugging on Scratch

posted 11 Dec 2017, 10:58 by   [ updated 7 Mar 2018, 08:21 ]

The children in Y5 and Y6 have been learning to create their own computer games using the online program, Scratch.  They took the code for an existing game and were able to change the sprites, the background and, most importantly, the algorithm which the sprites followed.  In the final week of this term, the children will have the opportunity to create a maths game of their very own.

Digital Kids Show

posted 27 Nov 2017, 04:57 by   [ updated 7 Mar 2018, 08:23 ]

On Monday 20th November, Mr Janiszewski had the privilege of taking 30 pupils from across Y5 and Y6 to Event City in Manchester for the Digital Kids Show.  The children began the day by attending a Computing conference hosted by Mr P.  Mr P, also known as Mr Parkinson, is an internet sensation, with over 140,000 followers of his Facebook page.  He explained to the children the importance of having a passion for learning and then showed them how exciting iPads can be when used in school.  After the conference, the children were then able to choose from a number of activities to take part in.  These activities were great fun and were based around coding, problem solving and games.  It was a wonderful day with the children being excellent ambassadors of Stocksbridge Junior School. 

Websites Go Live!

posted 17 Oct 2017, 09:48 by   [ updated 17 Oct 2017, 09:49 ]

The children in Year Five and Year Six have been learning how to collaborate online.  They have learnt all about the World Wide Web, considered personal safety issues in the use of online tools and have worked collaboratively online to refine and share ideas effectively.  As well as this, they have considered what copyright is and how to responsibly use information.  This unit of work concluded with the children creating their own webpages, which you can see in the photo below.  Click the image for a larger version.

Year Four Artists

posted 29 Sep 2017, 07:04 by   [ updated 24 Oct 2017, 04:04 ]

The children in Year Four have been exploring art packages to create a range of images for their topic of Blue Abyss.  They began by editing images in Microsoft Paint and then moved onto using a range of online packages.  The highlight of the week was when one pupil had a great idea for editing images in Microsoft Paint and we all had a go.  She suggested that we could use Paint to create jigsaws by inserting an image, cutting it up and then pasting it back together.  Thank you - it was great fun!
One child explains and models the part of the lesson which she developed
An octopus is born!

Year 4 - Using the computer as an artist!

posted 3 Dec 2016, 15:39 by   [ updated 11 May 2018, 03:26 by ]

In Y4 this term, we have been looking at how we can create digital artwork using a variety of programs on the computer. During this lesson, we used a program called Paint and looked at how we could create shapes (and then fill these shapes), use several different colours, generate patterns, insert pictures and edit our work. We began the lesson by looking closely at several digital and analogue pieces of coral artwork and discussed the similarities and differences. We also talked about the reasons why we might choose to use technology as an artist. Finally, we used photographs of different sea scenes, with a particular focus on coral, to inspire our own pieces of artwork. Have a look below at some of our creations...


Smart Day - Christmas Coding

posted 2 Dec 2016, 03:16 by   [ updated 17 Oct 2017, 09:50 ]

It was a festive morning of coding in Y6SM today, as 35 children from across the school came together to write Christmas code.  Children began with a simple coding game where they wrote lines of code to command sprites to perform a number of actions.  After break, the children then made their own Christmas animations using the program, Scratch.
The girls successfully complete their Hour of Code
The boys show off their Christmas animation

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