Fund Raising Week

posted 11 Nov 2014, 03:58 by Unknown user   [ updated 24 Nov 2014, 01:41 ]

Monday: Bun Sale!!!!!!

On Monday, the Y3s held a bun sale. We asked a few of the children how the buns tasted; it turns out that they were delicious. The Y3s raised £100 all together they did really well. The queue was just getting bigger every minute. They really enjoyed the serving and taking part. Well we enjoyed taking the photos.

Tuesday: Guess the teddy bear's name!!!!!!

Guess the teddy bear's name was a big hit for the children. They really enjoyed guessing the teddy bear's name and they really want to know who’s won at guess the teddy bear. Like Monday the queue was getting bigger every second. The children came up with lots of interesting and funny names but we can’t reveal. The Y4s raised £47 pounds. We took lots of cool photos.

Wednesday: Paint the teacher!!!!!!

Everybody had such a good time picking the teacher to draw or paint on. There was all of the members of staff including ; Miss Woods, Mrs Ross, Miss Ayres, Miss Hickman, Miss Oxford, Miss Meaburn, Mrs Gaymond, Mrs Hetherington, Mrs Sedgwick, Miss Sheehan, Mrs Brooks, Mrs Davies, Miss Davy,  Lisa Berrisford, Jane Fletcher, Amy Morgan, Mrs Shaw, Miss Killen, Miss Bower, Miss Sims and Mr Wright. The Y5s raised £41.75. Lots of people had lots of great ideas and the line kept getting longer by the second.

Thursday: Tombola!!!!!!

The tombola was a big hit to the children! There were lots of people taking part.  The Y6s raised £101.53 the line got longer and longer every second.  All members of staff could join in and have a go on the tombola. We had a lot of prizes left over, so for the Y5s' assembly we had to get more prizes because they where all selling out and we had to get more raffle tickets.  It was amazing we all had a good time!

Friday: Wear it pink day!!!!!!

On Friday people had to pay 20p to wear it pink day.  We raised £87.00 and everyone had a great time wearing pink.... It looked really funny in assembly having a sea of pink rather than blue!

Reported by Brooke, Rose and Katie