Lunchtime Improvements

posted 3 May 2016, 00:15 by Unknown user
We were very lucky last week to meet with  Sarah from the City Council and Rachel from Taylor Shaw to discuss our Lunchtime experience. 

We came up with lots of different ideas on how to improve our lunchtimes and we are so excited that some of them are being used and put into place.

These are our actions from the meeting: - 

  • Music during lunchtime - Mrs Gaymond is happy for this to happen once a week.
  • More outdoor benches - Mrs Ross will look into purchasing some more.
  • More seating for inside including a breakfast bar - Sarah from the School Food Service is going to look into this.  Initially we may need to limit this to the Brilliant Blue children that are selected by the randomiser.
  • A new salad trolley to be positioned in the centre of the dining room.
  • Bring back the Star of the Week top table on Mondays.  This worked well when prefects reliably set the table and when Stars remembered to join Mrs Gaymond or Mrs Ross.
  • Food from Around the World theme days leading up to this summer's Olympics.
  • A wall mounted dispenser for hand gel.
  • The SC agreed that a separate jacket potato bar would be a great way to reduce queuing.
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