NSPCC - Raising Money!

posted 9 Dec 2014, 09:08 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 Dec 2014, 03:18 ]


The NSPCC came in to make us safe on the internet. We were told lots of advice like never put your picture on the internet or any information about  yourself. Someone might pretend they are just like you and try to be your friend and arrange to meet you at the park or at their house.

After she had finished talking about safety we were told we could win fantastic badges by completing the simplest thing just by filling in a sponsor form. We were going to take part in sporting activities to raise money and earn sponsors.  Everyone was interested to win the cool badges one was green one was bronze one was silver and the last one was gold.

If you would like to talk to child line phone 08001111. Always tell an adult or if you don’t want to you can tell child line. Never be too scared to tell an adult your problem so just TELL, TELL, TELL don’t let the problem stay at the back of your head.

Lots of people were interested when it came  to the badges everyone sat up to hear the good news about badges. Who doesn’t like badges?

We raised £307.Well done SJS

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