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Science Week 2019

posted 10 Mar 2019, 07:17 by E Robinson

Science Week 2019

 Stocksbridge Junior School will be celebrating British Science Week from 11th – 15th March.

Pupils will be taking part in a range of STEM activities around the theme of ‘journeys’.  We will be encouraging pupils to think about the different scientific journeys that happen every day and how they can discover science through their own lives and experiences.  It is also a chance for pupils to consider how journeys can help us experience more of the world around us.  ‘Journeys’ is a particularly relevant topic for Science Week as 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Channel Tunnel.

At lunchtimes, our Junior Science Ambassadors will be in their pop-up lab demonstrating some fascinating experiments and explaining the mind-blowing science behind them.  Come along and discover how you can try these out for yourself at home!

Poster Competition – ‘Journeys’

Get creative and enter our poster competition.  You can make your poster about whatever type of journey you like:

·         You may want to research famous journeys e.g. Amy Johnson’s solo flight from Britain to Australia or Charles Darwin’s journey on HMS Beagle.  

·         Perhaps you’re interested in the type of journeys that may be made in the future or travels through time?

·         Your poster could even focus on cycles e.g. the water cycle; life cycles of plants and animals or the life cycle of plastics.

The posters need to be A4 or A3 (ask your teacher for some paper).  

They may be 2D or contain some 3D elements.  

Write your name and class on the back of the poster.

 The posters will be judged on creativity, how well they fit in with the theme and how well they have been made or drawn.

One winner from each year group will receive a fabulous science prize and will be entered into the British Science Association’s national competition.

Entries need to be handed to Miss Robinson by Monday 18th March.