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Science week in year 4!

posted 26 Apr 2016, 04:51 by Unknown user
Science Experiments 
In year 4 Miss Heaton did 4 experiments called poke a potato, Make a Tea bag fly, drinking candle, Make a fizz inflator.
On poke a potato we got a straw and poked it into the potato. But the straw is to long so we cut it shorter and tried stabbing the potato and this time it went in with a lot of force.
On the make a fizz inflator Miss Heaton put some vinegar into a plastic two litre bottle and put some baking soda (which produced carbon Dioxide) into a balloon and put the balloon on top of the bottle so the soda poured into the bottle and the balloon blew up. 
For the drinking candle we got a plate and placed the lit candle into the middle of the plate. We poured coloured water (which was actually food colouring and plain (normal) water) around the candle on the plate. Secondly, we placed a see through glass over the top of the lit candle. The candle sucked up the water (which was food coloured) and the candle went out. The candle went out because there was no oxygen inside the see through glass. And that is how the candle drank!
To make a tea bag fly first we got a tea bag with a string on the top and put all the tea in the bin and cut the string of and shaped it into a oval shape and set fire to the bottom so it turned to ashes and it flew.
Our Trip To  Bolsterstone Graveyard 
We went to Bolsterstone graveyard with a geoligist to look at the different gravestones some were granite,sandstone,marble and finally limestone it was really fun we learnt a lot of things during our time at Bolsterstone graveyard.
invention competition
In science we we made a invention plan it was fun. A runner-up was from Y4SS and the winner was fromY4CH. Well done to those two children!