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South Yorkshire Game 2018 - Gymnastics Team

posted 20 Mar 2018, 09:49 by J Tee

After the fantastic achievement of qualifying as Sheffield City Champions, Stocksbridge Y3/4 gymnastics team went to the English Institute of Sport today to compete against the best school teams from Barnsley, Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham. After a really good opening ceremony, we had to compete in a set floor routine and vault which requires strength, flexibility and control. Just to get to this level of competition has been amazing but to get a silver medal, and to finish overall 2nd place is testament to all their hard work. Well done to Alice, Rose, Olivia, Evie and Daisy and bring on next year! Go team Stocksbridge!!

Gymnastics Competition

posted 26 Feb 2018, 09:05 by J Tee   [ updated 26 Feb 2018, 09:13 ]

The KS2 Gymnastics competition went ahead this morning at Notre Dame where competitors took part in a set floor routine and vault. This event was the City Finals with the top team going on to represent Sheffield at the South Yorkshire Games in March. A big thank you to all parents who came in to help with getting our gymnasts ready including the thankless task of putting their hair into a French Plait. The competition had record numbers of teams entering this year and the standard was extremely good but team Stocksbridge as always really tried their best. Well done to everyone who took part. The future looks really good for Stocksbridge gymnastics, keep working hard!

We are very pleased to announce that our Y3/4 Foundation team of Olivia, Daisy, Evie, Rose, Alice and Lily won their competition and are now Sheffield Champions!

Y3/4 Foundation 

1st - Stocksbridge Juniors 149.6

2nd - Oughtibridge & Wybourn A 146.5

3rd - Nether Edge 143.4

4th - Phillimore 141.4

5th - St Wilfrid's A 140.8

6th - St Patrick's 139.5

7th - Pipworth A 139

8th - Wybourn B 107.3

9th - Pipworth B 101.1

Y5/6 Foundation 

1st - Loxley 154.2

2nd - Oughtibridge B 152.9

3rd - Stocksbridge 152.1

4th - St Marie's 151.5

5th - Oughtibridge A 151.4

6th - Phillimore A 151.3

7th - Wybourn 150.6

8th - Nether Edge A 148.1

9th - Phillimore B 146.9

10th - Phillimore C 146

11th - Nether Edge B 142.9

Y5/6 Advanced 

1st - Loxley 155.2

2nd - Oughtibridge 153.9

3rd - Stocksbridge Juniors 152.9

4th - St Marie's 152.8

5th - St Patricks A 149

6th - Nook Lane 147.5

7th - St Patricks B 146.7

Y3/4 Sportshall Athletics Competition

posted 14 Feb 2018, 08:10 by J Tee

This week, our year 4 athletics team were in action in a ‘Super Heroes themed’ competition organised by a cohort of Sheffield Hallam University students. The competition took place at Ponds Forge with seven other school being involved from across the city.  Team Stocksbridge had trained well the week before, working on their field events and the relay changeover. This really made the difference with Max and Jenny both winning their respective field events and Stocksbridge looking very professional with some fantastic moving changeovers.

We are really proud to announce that team Stocksbridge were the overall winning school taking home a nice medal and a winner’s certificate. But most importantly, our children behaved impeccably really supporting each other and being fantastic role models. Mr Tee and the PE team were very proud of every member of the squad. A big thank you to all parents and families who came see us compete. We definitely heard your cheers, I hope your voices return soon! Go team Stocksbridge!

Cross Country Race 7 - Brunswick Primary School

posted 12 Feb 2018, 09:53 by J Tee   [ updated 13 Feb 2018, 00:36 ]

On Saturday this weekend, our Stocksbridge cross country team had a real test, again with some wintery conditions taking place at Brunswick Primary School. The number of children turning up every race is fantastic to see with more first timers giving it a go. Rose (29th), Grace (43rd) and Alice (59th) all running consistently well for the Y4 Girls with Ashton, Flynn, Benji, Josh, Adam, Charlie, Tate, Cailean and new comer Isaak all running for the Y4 Boys team with real determination. More outstanding performances from Alfie, Lucas and Lexie who had another personal best, finishing in 45th position. Keep up the good work team, next race is Saturday 10th March at Graves Park.

Cross Country Race 6 - Concord

posted 1 Feb 2018, 00:32 by J Tee

This weekend our cross country team were running at Concord Park in very cold and wet conditions. The first part of the race was downhill so athletes can really set a good opening pace, however, towards the end of the 1 mile course, they had a tough hill to contend with which was a real challenge. We had record numbers of runners again which is pleasing to see, especially in the lower school races. Y3/4 Girls are starting to be up there with the best runners in their age group and the Y3/4 Boys had an amazing 8 children taking part. Everyone gave 100% effort which is all anyone can ask of them and thank you again to parents for supporting our cross country team. Next race is on Saturday 10th March at Brunswick Primary School…Go team Stocksbridge!

Boccia and Kurling

posted 24 Jan 2018, 09:40 by J Tee   [ updated 25 Jan 2018, 05:39 by L Ross ]

This week, Team Stocksbridge were taking part in a Boccia and Kurling festival at the High School. Boccia is a Paralympic sport that can be played by anyone. It is played with balls of different weights and is easy for a beginner to pick up quickly, but builds in intensity and complexity as players hone their skills. Kurling is a form of the original curling game, but adapted so that it can be played indoors on any smooth, flat surface, such as a sports hall, rather than on ice. Players slide stones towards a target area of circles and which is definitely harder than it looks!

We had a fantastic evening thank you to Nikki and her team of Sports Leaders with lots of smiles and fun! Well done to everyone who took part, you did our school proud.

Cross Country Race 5 - Longley Park

posted 21 Dec 2017, 02:26 by J Tee

On a very cold and snowy Saturday morning, race 5 took place at Longley Park. The course has been changed from last year, now featuring some extremely difficult hills and terrain. Stocksbridge yet again had an amazing turnout of runners with some more first timers such as Caleb who ran incredibly well finishing 88th and Josh (Y3) who showed real talent in his first race – 75th. More personal bests from nearly everyone taking part with Alice finishing in 9th, Grace and Rose, an amazing 41st and 26th for the Y4 Girls team in-addition to some very good individual results from Alfie, Lucas (91st) Flynn (60th), Tate (73rd) for the boys and Ellie (92nd) Erin (75th) and Lexie (76th) for the girls… Well done team Stocksbridge! Very proud of your efforts!!

Cross Country Race 4 - Graves Park

posted 15 Dec 2017, 08:21 by J Tee

Another cold Saturday morning did not put our cross country team off with another full team of Y4 girls all running so well. Alice (14th) Rose (26th) Grace (46th) and Lexi (27th) achieved very good points with Flynn, Lucas and Tate running well for the Y4 boys. We are still looking for that 4th member to make up the team so we can be competitive and challenge for the championship. Emma, Erin, Lexi, Ellie Alfie and Mason all demonstrating some Stocksbridge determination putting good runs in. Well done team!

Y5/6 Sportshall Athletics Finals

posted 15 Dec 2017, 08:05 by J Tee

This week, our Y5/6 Sportshall Athletics team were in action in the Partnership Finals with a chance to progress through to the City Championships. SJS have a tradition of excellent athletes and success in this competition and this year our team did us all very proud. In the field events Jack H won his event with a perfect score of 12 points in the target throw which I have never seen achieved before in the 7 years I have been at this competition. Marley won his speed-bounce event and Mason had the longest jump of the evening with a massive 1m 95cm. In the running and relay we had some great 2nd and 3rd place finishes with really good baton change-overs and strong running which gave us a fantastic 4th place in the end. We done to everyone who has been involved and thank you for all our parents who came to support our team efforts.

British Cycling Bike Loan at SJS

posted 11 Dec 2017, 04:33 by J Tee

This week at SJS, we have had some welcome additions to our PE equipment. Thanks to British Cycling we now have the use of BMX and mountain bikes that can be integrated into our Y5 & Y6 PE provision. We are currently looking at how best to use the bikes in our school day but it will certainly increase the physical activity levels of our young people. Mr Tee will be coordinating the sessions to help children build their confidence and skill of riding in-addition to understanding the role of safety and bike maintenance. This will include the 11 step ‘M’ check for their bikes which all children should learn for their own bikes at home.  This is a pilot scheme that British Cycling are hoping to roll out to more schools in the city thus using our feedback to help put the right support in place. We will keep you updated how the scheme is getting on…If you would like any further information on bike safety please go to

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