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Cross country 2019

posted 2 Oct 2019, 09:25 by J Tee   [ updated 2 Oct 2019, 09:26 ]

The new cross country season is now underway and we are looking for children who would like to represent Stocksbridge Junior School at the next race on Saturday 12th October. In order to take part, parents or a family member will be required to provide transport to and from the venue which will be at Brunswick Community School. The first race starts at 10am, so arrive at 9.45am for a warm up. It is only for Y4 upwards however,  Y3's will be able to take part in the races in the new year.

We have had some fantastic performances from Flynn, Molly and Eva already this season with finishes of 40th, 62nd and 66th respectively. What a great effort!

Y6 Sports Leaders

posted 19 Sep 2019, 07:16 by T Foster

15 children from Y6 have been selected to become Sports Leaders this year. They were selected based on their positive attitude and leadership skills in PE lessons. They all participated in a training session with Mrs Foster on Thursday afternoon this week, where they learnt:

- How to organise sports sessions
- Qualities that make a good leader
- How to evaluate their sessions
- Procedures and safety

The Sports Leaders will lead sporting activities for the Y3 and 4 children at lunchtimes, on a rota basis. They all received a certificate and pin-badge in assembly and they are all extremely excited to put their skills into practice! Well done! 

SJS Fun Run 2019 and Special Guest - Nicola Squires

posted 19 Jul 2019, 06:16 by J Tee

On Wednesday this week, SJS hosted a fun run for all the schools in the local area. This fantastic opportunity came about from a remarkable athlete called Nicola Squires who ran from sunrise to sunset and covered over 40 miles to raise the money for this event. Nicola is a Sheffield born athlete and two time Sheffield half marathon winner wanted to put something back into grassroots sport and try to inspire our future generation of runners. Her inspiration was her old Year 5 teacher, Craig Malkin who is part of our School Sports Partnership. Craig was kind enough to let us host the event after some gentle persuasion from the SJS PE team and I think it was a real success. DJ Chris and his sound system and Kim on the mike started proceedings with a warm up and then the children went on to the main event. All the children was a real credit to their schools with a special thanks to the teachers and High School Sports Leaders for all their help. Well done team Stocky, same again next year!I

Y5 Rounders Competition

posted 12 Jul 2019, 04:51 by J Tee

The Y5 rounders team have trained every Thursday evening in preparation for the annual rounders competition at Davy's Sports Ground on Thursday 11th July. There were 16 schools who entered the competition, who were split into 4 leagues in the morning. Stocksbridge lost their opening game against Pipworth but still progressed through into the finals pool after winning well in all their other games. The team showed a real determination in the re-match against Pipworth, winning 8 - 3 and demonstrated all the skills and tactics that we had been working on during the after school club. The grand final was against a very strong St Theresa's School who had some very good players which really tested our character. We are very pleased to say the team held tight, winning 5.5 - 3 and was crowned Sheffield City Champions! We are extremely proud of your efforts in both training and during the competition and you were all a real credit to the school. Well done team Stocky!!!

Rugby Coaching @ SJS

posted 3 Jul 2019, 09:11 by J Tee

In partnership with the rfu, Stockbridge Junior School was able to take part in a rugby initiative that aimed at getting children playing rugby with their local club. We had fully qualified rugby coaches in who delivered some fantastic and energetic lessons. They developed skills such as passing and receiving and also principles such as attacking and defending. Reports from Stocksbridge Rugby Club is that they have had a massive uptake of children attending their training sessions which is amazing to see. Keep up the great work and thank you to Paul and Dave for their efforts and expertise. Well done team...


posted 28 Jun 2019, 03:02 by J Tee   [ updated 3 Jul 2019, 08:39 ]

A big thank you to Helen from Links Sports Partnership who came into school to lead some fencing. The sessions were fun, energetic and very enjoyable and all the children were 'En-garde'. They had the chance to put on all the safety equipment and take part in a bout against their partners and learn some fencing vocabulary. Although fencing is an individual sport, they still talked about teamwork and how to support your class friends to improve their skills. Well done Stocky!

HEALTHY WEEK - Smoothie Bike

posted 28 Jun 2019, 02:46 by J Tee

In addition to all the healthy physical activities, we wanted to have some sessions around food and to give children a chance to try new tastes, and to introduce them to some fruits they may not have tried before. The fun part was mixing the fruits together on our smoothie bikes and adding ingredients such as mint for them to taste. The children then produced posters to show all the learning that had taken place. 

HEALTHY WEEK - Sportsday

posted 28 Jun 2019, 02:29 by J Tee

Day 4 of our Healthy Week was our whole school sportsday for the children to work as a team in activities and games but also participate in some competitive individual races. The children worked incredibly hard and really challenged themselves, even if standing on that starting line with everyone watching was out of their comfort zone, they all did their very best. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and family member for supporting us on this day, I think we must have had record numbers this year. Also, thank you to all the staff and helpers for your efforts to make this day a memorable one for the children. Well done everyone!


posted 28 Jun 2019, 02:08 by J Tee

On day 3 of our Healthy Week, the children had the opportunity to take part in some tennis with a professional tennis coach. The sessions were fun and energetic and it gave our children an introduction to the techniques used in the sport. It was also very good for staff to see to help assist the delivery of tennis in their PE lesson and utilise the great equipment we have in school. We are also very lucky in Stocksbridge to have a local tennis centre, so if you would like to build upon this introductory session, the club are always looking for new members. Well done everyone who took part.


posted 25 Jun 2019, 07:31 by J Tee

On day 2 of our Healthy Week, our upper school children had the opportunity to take part in some rowing which really challenges their fitness levels. Each child had a 200 meter challenge to get the best times but also race against their class friends. It has been a really enjoyable day with some outstanding performances in addition to some over-competitive teachers having a go too. The top 4 children from Y5 will go on to represent Stocksbridge Junior School in the City Finals next year. Well done everyone for your efforts.

The fastest Y5 girls scores:                                        The fastest Y5 boys score:
1. Lacey  - 52.5 seconds                                             1. Aaron - 53.6 seconds
2. Cara - 56 seconds                                                   2. Tate - 54.0 seconds
3. Layla - 57.0 seconds                                              3. Zane - 54.7 seconds
4. Ella - 57.7 seconds                                                 4. Fin - 56 seconds

The fastest Y6 girls scores:                                        The fastest Y6 boys score:
1. Cienna - 47.6 seconds                                            1. Warren - 43 seconds
The fastest girl teacher score:                                    The fastest boy teacher score:
Miss Hicks - 44.3 seconds                                          Mr Davies - 35.7 seconds

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