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3SIXTY Display 'Tour de Yorkshire' Week

posted 28 Apr 2017, 04:57 by J Tee

As part of our ‘Tour de Yorkshire’ week, we have had the privilege of having the 3SIXTY display riding team into Stocksbridge Junior School tackling obstacles with precise, calculated and effortless leaps. The two riders never appeared to be out of control delivering the show commentary while performing amazing stunts. The presentation was excellent, talking about the critical safety aspects of cycling. They spoke about where to start with trick development and how these can be progressed as safely as possible to minimise injury. The display was very exciting and delivered in a way that would capture our children’s minds and to push the importance helmet wear. The children really enjoyed the display with the highlight seeing Mr Tee and Mr Carr shaking in fear as the riders did a two metre drop onto a drinks can, precariously placed in-between their legs!