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British Cycling Bike Loan at SJS

posted 11 Dec 2017, 04:33 by J Tee

This week at SJS, we have had some welcome additions to our PE equipment. Thanks to British Cycling we now have the use of BMX and mountain bikes that can be integrated into our Y5 & Y6 PE provision. We are currently looking at how best to use the bikes in our school day but it will certainly increase the physical activity levels of our young people. Mr Tee will be coordinating the sessions to help children build their confidence and skill of riding in-addition to understanding the role of safety and bike maintenance. This will include the 11 step ‘M’ check for their bikes which all children should learn for their own bikes at home.  This is a pilot scheme that British Cycling are hoping to roll out to more schools in the city thus using our feedback to help put the right support in place. We will keep you updated how the scheme is getting on…If you would like any further information on bike safety please go to