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Cross Country Race 3

posted 7 Nov 2016, 03:45 by J Tee

The new half term brought the next round of the cross country fixtures with race 3 taking place at Bradfield. The weather has been kind to us so far but the temperature on Saturday tested us all. It was pleasing to see yet more new faces to the Stocksbridge squad (Anna, Scarlett, Olivia & Ryan) and existing runners all making huge progress from their previous races (Lexi 67th to 54th; Alice 49th to 47th; Kayleb 143rd to 121st; Isabelle Chapman 49th to 21st; Marley 189th to 172nd and Zak 6th to an amazing 2nd place only losing In a sprint finish at the end of the race).

Race 4 will be at Concord on Saturday 19th November. See you there!

Y4  Girls

Lexi Hague 54

Anna Duffield 128

Alice Chapman 47

Y4 Boys

Finlay Cowan 127

Kayleb Pawson 121

Alfie Ferguson 54

Y5/6 Girls

Scarlett Price 130

Olivia Proost 103

Isabelle Chapman 21

Y5/6 Boys

Zak Ferguson 2

Ryan Mansell 41

Tyler Wingfield 92

Marley Teeling 172