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SJS Sports Leaders

posted 26 Jan 2016, 03:08 by J Tee

Sports Leaders from Year 5 and 6 run physical activity clubs at lunch time on the small yard for Years 3 and 4 to make our playtimes fun and active. All Year 6 children have been trained by Mr Tee and Miss Madeley to support and deliver activities.

The Year 6 leaders have a log book that they update outlining their leadership capabilities and can earn tokens and merits. Our weekly timetable looks like this:

Mon: Sports leaders are - Harry and Luca

Tue: Sports leaders are – Isabelle C and Lilly-Ann

Wed: Sports leaders are – Charlotte and Chloe

Thurs: Sports Leaders are- Catherine and Isabelle E

Fri: Sports leaders are- Ciaran and Alex

Sports Leaders have many other important roles including:

·         Leading warm ups and cool downs in lessons

·         Supporting inter-sports competitions

·         Making decisions about PE events and initiatives across school

·         Lead roles during Health Week and Sports Day

·         Modelling excellent sporting behaviour and teamwork

 At Stocksbridge Junior School we have fun and are active at lunch times.