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Year 4

Baubles! A Tree-mendous Performance

posted 11 Dec 2018, 07:33 by J Janiszewski   [ updated ]

It was curtains up in Year 4 today, as the children performed their annual Christmas Nativity.  This year, the Children performed 'Baubles!' - a nativity which weaves the traditional Christmas story through a contemporary primary school setting.  Well done to all the children in Year 4; your performance was exceptional!

Science - Outdoor Learning

posted 28 Nov 2018, 04:27 by J Janiszewski   [ updated 11 Dec 2018, 06:48 ]

The children in Year 4 have been investigating the impact of human activity on the local environment.  They first observed a patch of land behind school, which has been allowed to grow naturally.  Next, they compared this to the view which can be seen in the second photo.  We then returned to class to consider ways in which we could lower human impact on the environment.
Observing the natural environment                                                                                          Viewing the impact of human activity

'ReflectED' Sessions

posted 28 Nov 2018, 01:10 by J Janiszewski   [ updated 11 Dec 2018, 06:47 ]

Across Year 4, the children have been taking part in a series of lessons known as 'ReflectED'.  This is an approach to learning that teaches and develops metacognition skills (the process of thinking about thinking).  It can support and improve attainment for all pupils by enhancing pupils' ability to think about their learning.  In Year 4, the children have been learning how to sew, reflecting on their learning as they gradually all improve their skills.

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Food Chains

posted 6 Nov 2018, 06:36 by J Janiszewski   [ updated 6 Nov 2018, 06:37 ]

The children in Y4 have been researching ocean food chains.  They really enjoyed finding out about predators and prey.

Y4 Parents' Session

posted 3 Oct 2018, 10:15 by J Janiszewski

The children in Y4 loved sharing their lesson time with some extra-special guests today.  We had over 40 parents and carers join us for an exciting English lesson on adjectives and expanded noun phrases.

Visit to The Deep

posted 28 Sep 2018, 10:06 by J Janiszewski

The Y4s had a great day at The Deep, enriching their Blue Abyss Topic!

Christian Centre Artwork Installation

posted 11 Dec 2017, 09:48 by J Janiszewski   [ updated 13 Dec 2017, 00:00 ]

The children of Y3 and Y4 have been hard at work on a special homework project to create a piece of artwork on the theme of Advent (or another significant celebration of their choice).  The variety and quality of work which the children produced has been a topic of conversation for everyone viewing the temporary displays in the Y3 and Y4 classrooms.  The artwork has now been installed at the Stocksbridge Christian Centre and will be on display over Advent through to the end of January for all to enjoy.  If you would like to view the artwork, the church hall will be open on Saturday mornings between 10.00am and 12.00pm.  Refreshments will be served upstairs in the church during this time.

Year 4 End of Year Performance

posted 21 Jul 2017, 04:28 by J Janiszewski   [ updated 28 Sep 2018, 10:07 ]

What an amazing day in Year 4!  The children have been working incredibly hard on their end of year performance for weeks now, learning lines and practising songs.  The show was a great success and it was lovely to see so many parents and carers in attendance.

This year has been a tremendous year with so many wonderful memories.  Mr Janiszewski, Miss Hamilton, Miss Potter, Mrs Murphy, Mrs Davies and Mrs Hirst would all like to say, "Well done and good luck in Year 5!"

1066 Role Play

posted 17 May 2017, 08:34 by J Janiszewski   [ updated 17 May 2017, 08:35 ]

The Year 4s have been getting to know what life was like in 1071, five years after the Battle of Hastings. The children whisked themselves to a world where William the Conqueror was on the English throne and England had changed forever. Castles and churches dominated the horizons. The feudal system controlled the people of England and life was tough for those at the bottom of the pile. 
The children played the role of a family of serfs, bound to working on a rich baron’s land. They discovered that life was indeed very tough. They will be using this experience to support their writing over the next week.

The History Van - 1066

posted 28 Apr 2017, 07:58 by J Janiszewski

What another exciting day in Year Four!  This time, we were whisked back in time to 1066, to the time of the Norman invasion.  The children discovered what happened on that fateful day through re-enactment, manufacturing tools and creating an Oath of Fealty. 

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