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British Science Week

posted 20 Mar 2017, 09:02 by   [ updated 20 Mar 2017, 10:35 by ]
3-2-1; we have lift off!  As part of British Science Week, the children in Year Four have been investigating the science around space tourism.  They were posed the challenge of creating a space craft capable of re-entering the Earth's atmosphere - or a craft which could allow an egg to be dropped from a height!  They began by investigating a number of factors which would effect re-entry, mainly based around air resistance.  Once equipped with this knowledge, the children began to design and make their crafts.

Once the children had made their crafts, they were able to test how well they worked.  Each craft was dropped from a height of around three and a half meters onto a hard surface.  The children found that the best re-entry crafts had a large surface area and plenty of cushioning.

It was a great week, unless you were one of the eggs which did not survive the impact of re-entry, of course!