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Year 5

Bottle Rockets

posted 21 Mar 2019, 08:43 by H Killen

As part of our Science topic, 'Forces' we have been designing and launching bottle rockets! We had lots of fun doing this and learning about the different forces that acted upon the rocket. 


posted 12 Feb 2019, 00:48 by H Killen

In Year 5, we have been learning about colour mixing and blending. We used powder paint to create silhouette paintings. Here we are practising our colour mixing. 

Moon Myths

posted 6 Feb 2019, 08:52 by H Killen

In English, we have enjoying writing our own Moon Myths based upon the Myth - The Legend of Chang'e. We have produced some great writing and have enjoyed sharing our myths in class. 

Making bottle rockets

posted 6 Feb 2019, 08:42 by H Killen

This afternoon, we have been busy designing and making our own bottle rockets. We can't wait to launch them!

Imagination Gaming

posted 5 Feb 2019, 07:29 by H Killen

In Year 5 we have been enjoying our Imagination Gaming treat which we won for achieving the most words read that week. 

The Year Five Mathematics Parents' Session

posted 8 Feb 2018, 03:31 by   [ updated 8 Feb 2018, 03:42 ]

What a fabulous morning we have had in Year Five!  The children had the opportunity to be joined by an adult from home in the second Parents' Session of the academic year.  Parents came in to school to work with their children on a range of Mathematics skills.  The sessions were great fun and it was a pleasure to have so many family members in our classes.

The Peasants are Revolting!

posted 10 Oct 2017, 09:34 by   [ updated 8 Feb 2018, 03:37 ]

The children had another exciting visit from the History Van today.  This time, they were whisked back in time to 1348 to the outbreak of the Black Death.  They met William and Emma de Lovetot - the Lord and Lady of Hallamshire and were quickly introduced to the harsh living conditions of the peasant population of the time.  They were asked to sign an Oath of Fealty to the King of England, meaning they could be asked to go to war at any time.  It was at this point, the children realised something was not quite as it should be: itching armpits, rings of roses on the hands, coughing and spluttering - the Black Death had arrived!  They discovered the signs and symptoms of the Plague and just how infectious the illness was.  The children were horrified at some of the bizarre cures and quickly realised most were based on either superstition or religious beliefs.  It was a fabulous day, which flew by and we would all like to say a big thank you to Miss Bland for bringing the 1300s to life.
Finding out about the Black Death of 1348

Getting ready for battle
Signing the Oath of Fealty

Sports Day!

posted 13 Jun 2017, 12:16 by H Killen

Today, we had a great time taking part in Sports Day! Here we are in action! 

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