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ESCAL Trip - The Great Sheffield Debate

posted 5 Dec 2014, 08:16 by J Janiszewski   [ updated 5 Dec 2014, 08:35 ]

A number of our Y5s recently went to the Sheffield Town Hall to take part in the Great Sheffield Children’s Debate.  There were lots of schools from all over Sheffield taking part and the children had the chance to meet and debate with them.

They went to the magnificent council chambers to have a debate about banning e-cigarettes and whether TV or books are the best form of media.  This is what Harry T had to say about the trip:

"We met the Town Hall Crier, who was very loud.  We also had the chance to go ‘head to head’ with another school to talk about all the great things that happen at Stocksbridge Juniors.  Finally we sent a tweet about what we thought of the day."
Here are a few pictures of the day...