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Spelling Bee Semi-Final

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Spelling bee semi-finals

It was Thursday 27th of March and I felt very scared indeed.  It was the spelling bee semi-finals and I was going to be up against 9 Y5’s and 10 Y6’s.  Amazingly I didn’t want to go through, but at the same time I did (this was because I wanted to go through but I didn’t want to be tested on the next set of spellings).  On the 14th March we were sent home with a sheet of spellings.  This sheet included the words: perpendicular, claustrophobic, hypothermia and lots more (97 to be precise).  Sadly only two boys got into the final and that was out of the whole school!   In this blog I will tell you about the semi-finals…

In literacy, which is my favourite lesson, we were taken down to the hall to be tested on 30 words.  For every ten words you got right you got a life.  We were tested on words from our semi-final sheet.  When Mrs Ross started to read out the words all the letters started running round in my head trying to slot into place.  Once we had finished the test we were sent back to class and then out to dinner.

After dinner we were very frightened.  About five minutes past 2 o’clock we went down to the hall to be tested on words Mrs Ross had picked from the final test sheet.  Mrs Ross started to read out the words.  Some people with one life got it wrong, but luckily we all had a “continue”.  With seven people left 3 people got it wrong bringing it down to a total of four people left (me and three Y6’s).  We were all guaranteed a place in the finals.   I felt very happy.  Then it came to a decider.  I was willing Nathan on because I didn’t want to be the only boy in the final.  Luckily Nathan won one word.

At the end of the day I felt very tired.  I couldn’t believe I was through to the final. 

…And that was the spelling-bee semi-final!


James Falconer Y5E0

Stocksbridge Junior School Spelling Bee


On Thursday afternoon the spelling bee semi-final took place. We came into excited chatter; we knew straight away that this was going to be tough.  Eventually, when Mrs Ross calmed everyone down the contest began: 10 year sixes and 10 year fives…we would have to say goodbye to fifteen of them.

The first word was monarch; it caught quite a few people out.  The first three to get knocked out were two year sixes and a year five.  The pressure was on!  People desperately tried to win a chance to compete in the final. In the end three people got knocked-out  at once so we had to do a face-off:  Elena, Nathan and Dylan.  Which one would take the final place? Dylan got knocked out and that’s when the real pressure took place.  All the year fives chanted “Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, NATHAN!!!”

That was until the teachers went “Sshhhhhh!”  Elena was a letter wrong and that wasn’t good; Nathan won.  Elena knew it was over, but didn’t burst into flood like some; she just high-fived Nathan and went to collect her medal.  

So we have Beth, Isobel and Jenna representing year six and Nathan and James representing year five!


But who will win glory in the final?  Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 or Year 6?  Time will tell.


Hester Wilkinson Y5JC

The SJS Spelling Bee 2014!!! 


This year was Stocksbridge Junior School's first ever Spelling Bee!!

We were all in the first round of it we did 25 words each day. Only 30-35 people could go through to the next round and now only 10 remain standing!!

In the next few weeks will be the final round where Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 battle it out to be crowned The Spelling Bee Champion 2014!!!
Whoever wins will get their own Spelling Bee trophy and have their name imprinted onto The Spelling Bee Shield to have in the SJS trophy Cabinet.


Alfie Sykes Y5AC