Sport Relief

Friday 21st of March was sport relief day in S.J.S.  We all got dressed up as the people from the 118 advert, for charity.  Each class got to run a stall and Mr O’Neill even shaved his beard to look like a 118-man moustache.

At the start of the day I had to get dressed into my 118 costume.  Some of the clothing was my brothers and he’s 6.  It was a tight fit but I got them on in the end.  I had to get my moustache on and it started shedding nearly straight away.  All the hair got in my mouth and nose too!  It also looked like cat fur!

Up at school, all of the teachers were dressed up too.  Miss Caudwell cut her hair and everyone thought she looked weird at the start of the day, we did register and went to our morning lessons.  Read, write, ink, followed by literacy then numeracy. At dinner my fake moustache fell off and got blown away.  Only about 20 people in upper school were dressed up as 118 men, and most of them were in Y5 but I saw five or six from Y6. 

After dinner my shoes, which are only worn by me, were very muddy. We did the register and then swapped classes for the afternoon.  I went to Miss Cush’s class along with 9 others.  We made word searches to do with sport relief and did a small play.  When we went outside I had exactly enough money to do all the activities.  I got 100 in teacher –target and 7 balls in the net in a basketball game.  I did well in all the other games too!

That was Stocksbridge Junior school’s Sport Relief Day!


James Falconer  Y5EO