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Yorkshire Wildlife Park

posted 9 Apr 2014, 01:04 by Unknown user   [ updated 9 Apr 2014, 01:46 ]

Wonderful Wildlife Adventure!

Hi, I am here to tell you about a Y5 school trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park.


The kids had great fun seeing all the animals and even exploring the adventure play area.  One of the kids said:

“This was the best school trip ever!”

The kids loved it almost as much as they love their own pets.  The saw loads of amazing animals: Ostrich, Zebra, Loins, Flamingo, Wallaby, Leopards, Camels and much more!  The play area, which the kids loved, was also designed like a safari ground.  Every animal had its own pen, the lions with the lions, and camels with the camels, and so on.


Everyone loved it!  Why don’t you come along to Yorkshire Wildlife Park?

Charlie Radford Y5AC

Our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

In January, my year went to Yorkshire wildlife par for our topic ‘Out of Africa’.  When we arrived we sat down at the picnic benches to have our snack and go to the toilet.  After that we went to see the meerkats.  The meerkats, who were very funny, always stood up.  They were small and cute.

Later on we went to the lion country (name of the attraction).  The lions were split into 3 prides.  We tried to hear them roar but the lions, which were very big, wouldn’t roar.  We could tell if they were male or female because the males have a mane and the females don’t.

Soon we came to the Zebras; ostriches and gazelles.  In their natural habitat they would live on plains in Africa.  The zook keeper said that the ostrich can run up to 40 miles per hour.  Next we saw a leopard.  It was spotty like a ladybird.   It was prowling like a burglar in the night.

A lady gave us a talk about the animals.  It was very interesting, she showed us a tooth taken from a tiger, the tooth was as sharp as a knife!  W also got to hold a horn that had been taken from a gazelle; it was bumpy and twisted.


We also had tome to play in the jungle-play area, it was fun!

If you like animals and want a fun day out I would recommend Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

Cerys Reynolds Y5E0