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Operation Pied Piper!

posted 3 Oct 2016, 10:43 by D Wright   [ updated 3 Oct 2016, 10:45 ]
To launch the start of our new topic 'A Child's War' the whole of Year Six were evacuated to the countryside today!

Dressed as evacuees, the children learned what it was like to be evacuated to safer areas during WW2 and undertook a range of activities at Churnet Valley Heritage Railway near Leek.  Operation Pied Piper was the code name given by the Government to the scheme to evacuate millions of children from towns and cities to the countryside in September 1939. In 2016, embracing each activity with a wonderful enthusiastic nature, our students met real life 'evacuees', eat Woolton Pie and learned about rationing, identified enemy and allied aircraft, packed an evacuee's suitcase and learned about life on the railway line in the war period. 

The highlight of the trip of course was the eight mile rail trip where we were transported back to a bygone age and traveled under the power of a steam locomotive: We even had a 'blackout' in the tunnel during an air-raid.