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What our learning looks like.

posted 15 Oct 2014, 08:18 by A Woods
In English we are currently learning about The Marples Hotel which was in Sheffield City centre. The hotel was bombed in World War Two on the 13th December 1940, during The Sheffield Blitz. The air raid siren went off at 7pm and the actual bombing took place at 10:50pm. The hotel was bombed accidentally by a German Luftwaffe. We have been reporting on this as if we were newspaper reporters at the time.

In Science we are learning about light and shadows. We have recently done an experiment where we found out that the nearer the object, the larger the shadow.
In Maths we have been learning to simplify fractions after a hectic week of SATs practise. We have also been looking at word problems and using our knowledge and skills to help us plan a fictitious school trip.
We went on a school trip to Eden camp in y6 it was a war camp. In the war there were Anderson shelters and there was Hoch bunkers, they had an amazing play centre with a shelter that you could play in. There were also ginormous  tanks that you could sit in but don't worry there's no gunpowder.