Y5CS 2015-16

Literacy homework

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October Half-term Literacy Homework

We have been so impressed with your homework this half term! Well done Y5!


Next half-term, we will be starting our new topic ‘Stargazers’.


For your homework, conduct some research into our new topic. Record what you learn in your homework book or by using ICT.


Top tip- Avoid copying big chunks of information from the Internet. Try to put facts in your own words.



Some ideas for your research could be:

  • Space travel

  • The Solar System

  • The stars and constellations

  • The planets

  • Life in outer space!


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Y5 Literacy homework

Given out: 08.10.15   Due in: 21.10.15

We would like you to complete a project that will showcase what you have learnt in our fantastic topic of Peasants, Princes and Pestilence! Think about what you have learnt, including the skills we developed during our History Van workshops!

You have just under 2 weeks to prepare your work, ready to show to the class before we break up!

How you present your work is entirely up to you!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Art task

You could:

·         Create a poster to show what you have learnt from our topic.

·         Paint an image showing what life was like during the time of The Black Death


3D work


You could:

·         Create a model of a black rat

·         Make your own cure

·         Make a plague doctor mask


Literacy focus:

You could:

·         You could write a short story set in 1348.

·         Write a play about The Black Death

·         Write a poem

ICT focus:

You could:

·         Produce a power point

·         Make a video

·         Use publisher to make a poster



Week 1 Spellings

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Here are the spellings that have been sent home for this week. Please take the time to learn them and practise them at home. Due to SMART morning on Friday, our spelling test will be completed the following week. 

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