English Homework

posted 17 Apr 2016, 08:36 by H Killen   [ updated 17 Apr 2016, 08:36 by L Ross ]

LO: To identify main and subordinate clauses

Success Criteria

1)    To understand that all clauses have a subject and a verb.

2)  To understand the features of both main and subordinate clauses

3)    To understand what makes these clauses different from one another.

Let’s take a look

·      All clauses have a subject (e.g. I, he, Lewis) and a verb (e.g. ran, thought, have).

·      A main clause makes sense on its own (I ran to the shop).

·      A subordinate clause starts with a subordinating conjunction and does not make sense on its own (because I ran to the shop).

Have a go yourself

Here are some complex sentences (sentences that have both a main and subordinate clause), can you identify which part of each sentence is a main clause and which part is the subordinate clause?

1) I stared silently because it was singing.

2) I watched it until it hopped away.

3) It hid in the bushes while my brother looked for it.

4) The old computer attacked while Andrew was sleeping

5) Lewis ate all of the honey even though Jack wanted some.

6) Tom rode his bike until his mum called him in for tea.  

7) While Mark was snoring, Millie took a photo of him.

8) I played football because I had done my homework.

Can you underline the subject and circle the verb in each clause?