English Homework. Given out: 12/11/15 Due in: 16/11/15

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The Cheese Moon         

I've heard it said by many around,
That the moon is made of cheese they found.
It's mined by little spacemen mice,
Who sell it for a handsome price.

The cheese we eat all comes from there,
From cheddar valleys beyond compare.
And in the rivers of Wensleydale,
The mice scoop cheese in metal pails.

If you peek up you might just see,
The Gorgonzola heights of Ghee.
And to the left and up a bit,
On Stilton mountains mice do sit.

So next time you sit down to cheese,
Remember the mice on Parmezan seas.
Who work non-stop in their spacemen hats,
Just glad that they're out of reach of cats!

Gareth Lancaster


1.    How many different types of cheese are mentioned in the poem? List them.

2.    Who mines the cheese on the moon?

3.    What is a pail?

4.    Where is Stilton mountain located?

5.    Which line suggests it might be true that the moon is made of cheese?

6.    Why are the mice happy to work on the moon?

Creative Writing Task (Optional)
Write your own short poem about the moon being made of cheese!