Literacy Plague Doctors

posted 16 Sep 2015, 04:02 by H Killen   [ updated 16 Sep 2015, 04:02 by L Ross ]

Miss Killen’s Literacy Homework

Given out:17.09.15     Due in: 21.09.15

 Next week we will begin writing diary entries in role as a plague doctor treating The Black Death! For your homework, you should begin gathering vocabulary and phrases that could be used in your diary.

You could:

Draw the plague doctor and list adjectives and verbs to describe him/her. Think about how people viewed plague doctors at the time of The Black Death. How would they describe the doctor? Consider the actions they would do and list some verbs.


Complete some research by finding out about what methods the plague doctors used to treat The Black Death. Make notes in your book, ensuring that you include any technical vocabulary. You could also include pictures.


Homework can be completed in your book or by using ICT!