Maths Homework

posted 15 Jan 2016, 09:19 by H Killen   [ updated 15 Jan 2016, 09:19 by L Ross ]


LO: To solve measurement problems


Success Criteria:

  1. Read the question carefully

  2. Convert the units so that they are the same E.g. work in ml OR L

  3. Calculate the answer


    Word Problems:


  1. Amanda jumps 2.85m in the long jump. This is 38cm further than her first jump. How far was her first jump?


    2. Miss Smith has 3 cans of lemonade. Each can holds 330ml.

    a. How much lemonade is there altogether? Write your answer in ml.


    b. She drinks one whole can. How much is lemonade is left altogether? Write your answer in ml and l.


    3. Megan wants to fill a bucket with water. A bucket holds 7 litres. A jug holds 500 millilitres.

    a. How many jugs of water does Megan need to fill an empty bucket?

    b. The filled up bucket has a hole in it and 2.3L leaks out. How much water is left in the bucket in ml?


    4. A bottle holds 1.5 litres of water. Callum fills 5 glasses with water. He puts 150 millilitres in each glass.

    a. How much water is left in the bottle?


5. I fill my shopping bag and it weighs 3kg. I then take 3 large tins, weighing 700g each, out of my bag. How heavy is my bag now?


Extension: Write your own 2 step measurement problem for your team to solve in class. Make sure you work out the answer too!