English Homework - Plague Doctors

posted 3 Oct 2015, 07:11 by K Hamilton   [ updated 3 Oct 2015, 07:11 by L Ross ]
This week we have started to look at plague doctors! Next week we will begin to write diary entries in role as a plague doctor treating the Black Death.
In this week's homework I want you to pick out the adjectives, verbs and nouns from the text, then try to find some synonyms using a thesaurus.
Given out: 01.10.2015
Due in: 05.10.2015

The challenge is to write your own diary entry.  
Over the weekend, write a diary extract for one of the days. It doesn’t have to be long, but make sure it is written in first person (I, me), that it is in the past tense and that you have described how you were feeling.

Top tip: Make sure you write the events in chronological order (…so don’t write about having you tea before you have written about your breakfast).

L Ross,
3 Oct 2015, 07:11