Mathematic's homework - Given out: 12.10.15 Due in: 15.10.15

posted 12 Oct 2015, 11:29 by K Hamilton   [ updated 12 Oct 2015, 11:29 by L Ross ]
This week's homework is attached (Given out: 12.10.15 Due in: 15.10.15)

We have worked so hard this week! We have continued with column addition using some very large numbers, we have used the column method for adding decimals, we have even used rounding to estimate our answers and then checked them using the column method.

In this week's homework, I want you to revisit adding numbers mentally. Can you find a route through the maze that will add up to exactly 100? 

I am looking forward to see what you come up with!

ALSO - those children who handed their homework in today will have this week's homework given to them tomorrow!
L Ross,
12 Oct 2015, 11:29