Mathematics Homework - Identifying patterns and sequences (Given out: 28.09.2015 Due in: 01.10.2015)

posted 28 Sep 2015, 14:32 by K Hamilton   [ updated 28 Sep 2015, 14:32 by L Ross ]
This week we have continued to identify patterns and look at different sequences. We have particularly looked at negative number sequences and we are experts on these now!

In this week's homework I want you to explore the patterns you can find in the 100 square - work through the tasks and see what you can find out!
Given out: 28.09.2015   Due in: 01.10.2015

If you want to have a go at some negative number sequences at home there are some brilliant websites to help with this.
I have attached a couple below, but there are several different games on these websites.

There is also a brilliant number sequence challenge on the website below.
It is called: Exploring Wild and Wonderful Number Patterns

If you have a go at it at home please bring it in to show me what you've found out!

Please come and see me if you're not sure about what you need to do.

L Ross,
28 Sep 2015, 14:32