Maths Homework (Given out: 01.02.2016 Due in: 04.02.2016)

posted 1 Feb 2016, 12:07 by K Hamilton   [ updated 1 Feb 2016, 12:13 by L Ross ]
This week we have looked in detail at how to calculate the area and perimeter of all different shapes. Some of us found it a little challenging, but we didn't give up! Keep up the great attitude year five, you're working very hard.


Perimeter = add all the sides together
Area = length x width

The link to the website that features in the challenge is attached below and should lead you directly to the page...

Given out: 01.02.2016

Due in: 04.02.2016

Don't forget to keep working on those times tables! In the car on the way to school, when you are getting dressed, before you sit down for tea, it doesn't matter when as long as you are doing them in little but often chunks. It is so important that we know them and it will also help you understand other mathematical concepts a lot quicker. If you need any help, please come and see me!

L Ross,
1 Feb 2016, 12:07