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Mathematics Homework

posted 9 Oct 2016, 12:32 by H Killen

Miss Killen’s Mathematics Homework

Given out: 10.10.16   Due in: 13.10.16

Extension (Optional)


1. A digital camera cost £1,350.99. It is reduced by £400 in the sale. What is the new price of the camera?


2. It is 425km from Leeds to London. Jake travels in 3 stages. He travels 118km, takes a break, then travels another 135km and takes another break. How many km does he need to travel in the 3rd stage of his journey to reach London?


3. A family has a budget of £2,500 for the total cost of a holiday. They spend £1,198.79 on flights and £750 on accommodation, how much will they have left for spending money?