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Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators 2015-2016

Well done to:
  • Lily Ann Platts
  • Sophie Moore
  • Lily Price
  • Billy Dimelow
  • Jeorja Ashton
  • Lily Bodell
  • Emily Nicholls
  • Tully Simpson
  • Grace Bevan
What is Peer Mediation?

Peer mediation is both a program and a process where pupils facilitate resolving disputes between other pupils. This process has proven effective at SJS; changing the way pupils understand and resolve conflict in their lives. Changes have included improved self-esteem, listening and critical thinking skills, and school climate for learning, as well as reduced disciplinary actions and less fights. These skills are transferable outside of the classroom. 

The peer mediation process is voluntary for both sides. Peer mediators do not "make decisions" but rather work towards a win-win resolution for both sides in order to avoid further trouble. Teachers often incorporate this very same conflict resolution process when dealing with behaviour themselves. 

How does Peer Mediation work at SJS?

At the end of Year 5 children are given the opportunity to train to become a peer mediator. The training takes several afternoon sessions and introduces the children to the method of peer mediation. Once trained, the children use their skills to resolve disputes between children in Year 3 and 4. They follow a timetable and must carry out their role effectively, independently and responsibly. 

The process of peer mediation at SJS continues to be a successful program which benefits the pupils and the peer mediators themselves! 

Peer Mediators 2014-15

In September, our fantastic cohort of Peer Mediators past the training with flying colours. The trainer was so impressed, she said she wanted every school to be like SJS! Well done to the following children:
  • Maizey Savage
  • Melissa Haigh 
  • Madison Henderson 
  • Ben Patten 
  • Eliana Green 
  • Hester Wilkinson 
  • Charlotte Lynam 
  • Frances Holmes 
  • Hannah Troup 
  • Lucy Whiteley
  • Sophie Loxley 
  • Hollie Darwin 
  • Alfie Clifton 
  • Dylan King-Nowill 
  • Karlie French
  • Dylan Bullett
  • Charlie Radford 
  • Isis Smyth
  • Joseph Scholey 
  • James Falconer 
  • Jennifer Kingsbury 
  • Harry Duffield 
  • Christopher Johnson










Peer Mediators
A Peer Mediator is a responsible Y6 that can sort out your problem. Each child has experienced two days of Peer Mediator training and are now trying to make S.J.S a problem free school.  The Peer Mediators have all promised to not take sides, not tell you what to do and won’t talk about your problem when you’re having an argument.  The Peer Mediators also want you to promise something too, to keep calm, be respectful and not interrupt during Peer Mediation. Daily, a Peer Mediator should be on your yard always to give you a hand. You can tell a Peer Mediator anything accept home problems. So if you have an argument, you want a friend or you just want someone to talk to, the Peer Mediators who will always be there for you.

Hannah + Lucy (Peer Mediators 2014-15)