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School Council

Stocksbridge Junior School Council Members 2016/2017

Stocksbridge Junior School's 2015-2016 School Council

  • Rebecca Tumelty and Thomas Firth
  • Freddie Dalby and Isobelle Charlesworth
  • Jake Carr and Isabella Langley
  • Mollie Holford and George Bradley
  • Daniel Colley and Martha Illingworth-Ralph
  • Shelby Serjeant and Ethan Tumelty
  • Leon Broomhead and Megan Green
  • Pheobe Linfoot and Dainton Butter
  • Joshua Merryman and Blythe Pincott
  • Ashton Taylor and Brooke Foster
  • Joseph Hunter and Evie Swann
  • Emmy Jepson and Ryan Mansell

Stocksbridge Junior School's 2014-15 School Council

Class and Teacher Representatives:

  • Teacher Representative: Miss Hickman & Mrs Woods
  • SLT Representative: Mrs Hetherington 
  • Y6SM: Katie Beresford and Alfie Atkinson
  • Y6YS: Charlotte Lynam and Zak McGuire
  • Y6DW: Owen Gregory and Lauren Rowland
  • Y5CS: Holly Cowan 
  • Y5CB: Billy Dimelow and Sophie Moore
  • Y5HK: Billy Kirk and Eleanor Parkes
  • Y4CH: Tyler Lechowski and Evie Butcher
  • Y4HH: Cole Wright-Lawson and Sophie Bevan
  • Y4SS: Charlie Taylor and Caitlin Sanderson
  • Y3RD: Caitlin Hulley and Kal-El Lord
  • Y3KO: Owen Sykes and Ruby Hughes
  • Y3AW: Ellie Bishop and Jack Halford
The role of Secretary, Publicity Officer and Photographer are being shared between Katie Beresford, Rose Hewitt and Brooke Singleton.

School Council members wear their badges with pride. Wearing their badge, shows everyone who they are and what their job is. It also makes it clear who to go to speak to if the children have any suggestions.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities:

Cloakroom Committee:
  • On a weekly basis, at some point throughout the afternoon, go around the cloakrooms with a member of staff to rate the tidiness of the cloakrooms using the score sheet. 
  • Order the classes from last place to first 
  • Complete the ‘Tidy Cloakroom Award’ for winning class / classes 
  • Announce the ‘winning’ class in assembly 
  • Put certificate up on or around the door of the winning class 
  • Recycling Committee: 
  • On a Friday afternoon collect recycle boxes and empty in correct school bin. 
  • Make a note of which class recycles well. 
  • Use sheet provided. 
Playground Committee:
  • Run school surveys to decide what pupils want to improve their playground environment 
  • Visit other schools and school websites to get ideas about what other school have done to improve their playgrounds 
  • Look through playground catalogues to get a feel for how much various items and equipment cost so we have an idea of how much money is required to improve the various areas of the playgrounds. 
  • Report this information to school council, specifically the fundraising committee. 
  • Fundraising Committee: 
  • Suggest possible charities / events that we might raise funds for (e.g. hearing dogs, Children in Need, Comic Relief etc). 
  • Be aware of what’s needed by school and suggest fundraising ideas for it. 
  • Help organise fundraising events with teacher representative
  • Keep treasurer up-to-date with funds raised so far 
  • Announce funds raised to school council members to keep them fully up-to-date 
Lost Property Committee:
  • Spend 30 minutes each week sorting through lost property 
  • Check property for names 
  • Distribute back to children 
  • Tidy lost property 
  • Once per ½ term lay out lost property – all classes to visit and claim property.