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Milk & Snacks


Any child of junior school age that wishes to have milk must pay for it.  Children must opt to take milk for a whole term.  The cost of milk will vary depending on the number of days in that term.  As milk is ordered on a termly basis, money paid for milk cannot be refunded, even if your child does not drink the milk due to absence or any other reason. 
A letter concerning both meals and milk is sent to parents at the end of each term requesting information for the following term. 

Healthy Snacks
Children may bring a snack for their morning break.  As a school that promotes healthy lifestyles, we ask that children bring healthy snacks.  Children are not permitted to bring sweets to school. 

The Fruit Stall
Fruit is on sale in the foyer during morning break each day.  Most mornings apples, satsumas and bananas are available.  Often we also try to offer grapes, raisins and cereal bars.  Prices range from 10p to 50p depending on the seasonal fruits available, local cost and portion size.

Drinking Water
Water fountains are available for children to use throughout the school day; alternatively children may bring a bottle of water (not cordial or fizzy drinks) to have with them during lessons.  We request that water bottles have sports caps to minimise the number of spillages.

Breakfast Club
Stocksbridge Junior School’s Breakfast Club is open from 8:30 am until 8:55 am each morning of the school week.  Children are also invited to join in our morning brain gym activity at 8:45 am.  
Breakfast Club

Breakfast club prices (correct January 2015):