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Social & Emotional Development

Social and emotional development is a key focus at Stocksbridge Junior School. We aim for each and every one of our pupils to become confident and accomplished socially and emotionally in order that they can engage with life and learning with great success, in school and beyond. 

With this in mind, all of our pupils are assessed termly using the Thrive Approach. Observations of behaviours are used to suggest whether children are developing well or need a little support with essential social and emotional skills. 

For all children, class teaching helps children to focus on our social and emotional 'Keys To Success' :

Motivation For Developing Skills

  •         Ability to focus on the present (rather than reviewing or anticipating).
  •         Ability to carry out responsibilities satisfactorily.
  •         Ability to develop a range of relationships with wider members of my community.
  •      Ability to make changes to plans when necessary.
  •         Ability to offer ideas or options in new and unfamiliar circumstances.
  •         Ability to take time and accept practice is necessary when developing new skills.

Developing Morals And Values

  •         Ability to accept acknowledgment of success and achievement.
  •         Ability to be clear about what is right and wrong, according to own values.
  •         Ability to demonstrate and share a preferred way of doing things.
  •      Ability to hold a different opinion without falling out with others.
  •         Willingness to learn new skills in areas that interest her/him.
  •         Ability to participate well in groups without dominating or being dominated.

 Understanding The Need For Rules f

  •        Ability to apply rules in different settings -  eg games, sport, competitions, etc.
  •        Ability to assert own views without putting down or negating others.
  •         Ability to contribute to simple democratic processes.
  •         Ability to negotiate changes to rules and expectations assertively.
  •         Ability to work to others' priorities as well as setting his/her own priorities.
  •        Ability to have interest in and be accepting of others' different ways of doing things.
For some children who might need a little more support, group and one to one work may become appropriate and is delivered by Thrive Practitioners. The aim here is to help children catch up as quickly as possible.

If you wish to know more about our approach to social and emotional development, please call and ask to talk to one of the Thrive Team or please see the attached information leaflet.

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