Art & Design

Art and Design at Stocksbridge Junior School


At Stocksbridge Junior School, our Art and Design teaching is all about developing an understanding of the subject, through the study of artists and artisans, their concepts, techniques and the vocabulary necessary to articulate these skills and ideas. Our curriculum should allow our pupils to develop a knowledge of the various forms of art, and the skills and procedures necessary to create their own work, inspired by a range of artists, sculptors and designers. 


Through our teaching of Art and Design at Stocksbridge Junior School, our intention is to ensure that our pupils experience a wide breadth of study and develop a long-term memory of the procedures and techniques used in art and design.  We propose to foster children’s curiosity to explore the work of artists, sculptors and designers who throughout history, to the present day, have created works of art that have shaped and challenged our understanding of art and our emotional experience of it. Our curriculum will enable our pupils to develop their knowledge of the mediums and techniques used by artists, designers and sculptors in order to communicate their ideas and create different effects. Through the practical application of these techniques and the opportunity to experience working with different mediums, our pupils will develop their artist skills and express their own creativity. Our pupils are encouraged to approach each element of art with enthusiasm and a desire to develop their knowledge and skills so that they can apply them to their work with confidence. By studying the key skills in art and the work of artists, sculptors and designers from different periods in history and around the world, our pupils will acquire the vocabulary necessary to confidently, articulate their knowledge and the inspiration behind their own creations.



Our Art and Design is taught over two milestones. Pupils enter Year 3 at milestone 2 and progress through this milestone in Year 4. In Year 5, pupils begin milestone 3 and in Year 6, their knowledge and skills in this milestone are extended. In each milestone, topics are revisited so that the consolidation and further development of knowledge, skills, understanding and the ability to articulate ideas using a broad vocabulary is central to learning. In each milestone, art and design is taught through topics that explore different styles in art, artists and artisans and the skills and procedures used to create different techniques and effects. Procedural knowledge is developed through drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, print, textiles and digital media. Our pupils use sketchbooks to collect information about artists and artisans, experiment with different techniques and effects and record their own ideas.




Our pupils develop and extend their learning in Art and Design over the two milestones in Key Stage 2. As topics are revisited in each milestone, previously learned information is retrieved frequently which aids long-term learning of the concepts, skills and procedures in Art and Design. Our pupils develop the confidence to work with a variety of mediums, develop their skills, experiment with different techniques and can articulate their own ideas and responses to the works of different artists, sculptors and designers.