Our School’s Golden Rules

Although there are a few school rules, the ones below are important to establish good relationships between children and adults in school. They are the school’s five golden rules. The rules are displayed in the main entrance and similar classroom rules will be in each class. All children and parents are asked to sign the ‘Home School Child Agreement’ to say that they agree with and support the rules.

We feel these rules reflect our high expectations and positive working ethos throughout the school.

We believe discipline is of paramount importance and that the high standards of work and play for which we aim are dependent on children applying the same standards to all aspects of behaviour.




Covid19 Return – Refined school Rules 

Due to the current Covid19 pandemic, our rules and routines have become increasingly important to ensure the safety and health of everyone within our school community.

Our Behaviour Policy still applies, however, we are keen that refined rules are now followed as outlined below:


The school will do its best to:

• Provide an environment which has been risk assessed in response to the coronavirus infection;
• Adhere to the social distancing rules as set out by the government as much as we reasonably can;
• Provide a curriculum that meets the needs of your child’s well-being, mental health and academic needs;
• Contact parents/carers if your child displays symptoms of coronavirus;
• Inform you if a member of staff or a child in your child’s ‘bubble’ tests positive for COVID-19 as this will mean you will all need to self-isolate for at least 14 days;
• Continue our clear and consistent approach to rewards and sanctions for children as set out in the Behaviour Policy as well the expectations outlined in this agreement;
• Communicate between home and school through notices, newsletters, text, email and the school website. To help my child at school, I know and understand that:

Things we ask of parents and carers:

• If my child, or anyone in my household, shows symptoms of COVID-19, I will not send them to school, we will self-isolate for 14 days as a family, I will get them tested and I will let the school know as soon as possible via telephone;
• If my child shows symptoms of COVID-19 at school, I will collect my child from school immediately and get them tested;
• My child will arrive at school at the time specified for their bubble;
• I will identify an agreed meeting point with my child that is a sensible distance away from the school entrance.
• My child will wear clean uniform each day, where possible;
• My child must not bring any items into school with them or take items home from school;
• I will remind my child about social distancing rules;
• I will remind my child about the importance of good hand hygiene;
• I will only enter the school site with a pre-arranged appointment;
• I will read all emails/newsletters that are sent home;
• I will inform the school immediately of any changes to parents/carer and emergency contacts details.
• I understand that if my child does not comply with the arrangements put in place to keep everyone safe, they may be sent home.

Things we ask of our children:

• Follow the social distancing rules in the classroom and within the school grounds;
• Tell an adult if I feel unwell;
• Not bring things into school from home, or take things home from school;
• Only use the equipment provided to me by school and no other;
• Remain within my bubble;
• Only enter and exit the school building via the designated route;
• ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’ – I will cough and sneeze into my elbow or tissue;
• Follow good hand hygiene – use soap and water for 20 seconds or hand sanitiser;
• Only use public transport if absolutely necessary and ensure I socially distance and wear a face covering, if I do;
• Ensure the safety of everyone by following these expectations alongside our school rules and values.


Our expectation is that, as a community we will all work together to adhere to these refined rules in order to keep the whole community as safe as we possible can.

The ‘Home School Agreement’ (provided for all of our families) containing these rules can be downloaded for your reference below :

Covid-19 Home School Agreement and behaviour addendum




Rewarding Acceptable Behaviour

We aim to encourage acceptable behaviour through positive reinforcement.


Stocksbridge Junior School has a policy to deal with behaviour which is unacceptable. Sometimes sanctions will need to vary according to an individual’s circumstances; otherwise the following process is followed: