At Stocksbridge Junior School we strive to create an environment where self-esteem is promoted and all children feel safe and respected. We aim to be a school where good behaviour is encouraged and reinforced, where children can become responsible, increasingly independent members of our community.

We believe this can be achieved by establishing a partnership between children, parents, staff and Governors, working together for the benefit of the child, encouraging a positive environment built on mutual trust and respect for all. We believe that just as children need to learn to read, or how to discover, they also need to learn how to behave well towards each other, towards staff at school and towards their parents and families.

We believe that all members of the school have a right to work in an environment where they feel happy and secure and are able to work to the best of their ability. The school expects considerate behaviour towards others and provides and promotes guidelines for positive behaviour to be followed in order to achieve this.


Our School’s Ethos

Although there are a few school rules, the ones below are important to establish good relationships between children and adults in school. They are the school’s five golden rules. The rules are displayed in the main entrance and similar classroom rules will be in each class. All children and parents are asked to sign the ‘Home School Child Agreement’ to say that they agree with and support the rules.

We feel these rules reflect our high expectations and positive working ethos throughout the school.

We believe discipline is of paramount importance and that the high standards of work and play for which we aim are dependent on children applying the same standards to all aspects of behaviour.


Rewarding Healthy Behaviours

To encourage positive behaviours, everyone at Stocksbridge Junior School agrees to:

  • Recognise and highlight good behaviour as it occurs
  • Ensure that ALL children are praised for presenting acceptable behaviour
  • When challenging an unacceptable behaviour, be kind, tactful and constructive
  • Explain and demonstrate the behaviour we wish to see
  • Encourage children to be responsible for their own behaviour
  • Reward individuals and groups of children for behaving well


We believe that healthy behaviours should be recognised through rewards, which should preferably be positive, verbal and instant.

Supporting Healthy Behaviours

Stocksbridge Junior School has a policy to support children with healthy behaviours. Sometimes this will need to vary according to an individual’s circumstances; otherwise the following process is followed: