Computing at Stocksbridge Junior School




Our intention is to delivery a high quality computing curriculum covering all aspects of the National Curriculum that matches the needs of our children. We aim to teach children computer science, information technology and ensure children become digitally literate whilst providing key skills for later life. We aim to inspire children to become active and responsible participants in our increasingly digital world.




We implement our high quality curriculum throughout  school starting with the very youngest children. We use and adapt the ‘Sheffield Primary Computing Scheme of Work’ as a vehicle to deliver computing lessons ensuring that all sessions meet the needs of our children. We progressively and sequentially builds knowledge and understanding through discrete and cross-curricular lessons throughout school to create safe, responsible and effective users of technology.



The impact of our curriculum is that pupils are confident and responsible users of technology. Stocksbridge Junior School children enjoy applying their skills to a range of contexts showing problem solving skills and creativity. Through a high quality computing education, pupils are equipped with the knowledge, skills and concepts to understand and change the world.