Computing at Stocksbridge Junior School


The Stocksbridge Junior School Computing Curriculum is based upon the Sheffield Scheme of Work for Primary Computing.  Please see the Curriculum section of our website to see how this is being implemented. 

How do we achieve Ofsted’s ‘Three Is’ of the Curriculum in Computing?


At Stocksbridge Junior School, we believe in the importance of a high profile for Computing.  Computing is an ever-increasing part of life in the 21st Century and it is vital that we prepare our children for life in modern Britain.  It is true to say that many of the roles in which our children will eventually be employed, do not even exist yet, so how do we prepare our children for this?  We ensure that our Curriculum is rich, providing the children with a wealth of learning opportunities.  We ensure that skills are developed which are transferable across the Computing Curriculum and the Curriculum in general.  We provide platforms for a range of additional opportunities for children to further their learning in school and at home. 


The table above shows how our children begin each year with a strong foundation in key skills.  These skills can range from how to safely turn hardware on and off through to touch-typing on a keyboard.  Once these skills have been introduced, they are then embedded throughout the rest of the year through the two strands of ‘Digital Literacy’ and ‘Computational Thinking’.  
We believe that it is essential to enrich our Curriculum with additional opportunities.  At Stocksbridge Junior School, we run a Computing Club for pupils who are interested in further developing their skills.  This club is known as Tech Gurus.  The Tech Gurus learn the essentials of programs to be used across the Curriculum. They then support children across the school in lesson time to use that program.  We have recently hosted a digital festival, known as Digifest and are looking to further establish our involvement in the CAFE Digital Ambassadors initiative.



The robust Computing Curriculum at Stocksbridge Junior School develops our children as confident, well-informed and responsible digital citizens.  Children are aware of the consequences of their online activity and are able to make important decisions to keep themselves and their peers safe online.  Our children leave Stocksbridge Junior School with a strong foundation in Computing which will enable them to flourish in a sector which will grow and develop with them.