The Governing Body sees homework as serving the following purpose:

  • To encourage self-discipline and personal organisation
  • To create additional time for structured learning
  • To bridge the gap between home and school
  • To allow parents direct involvement in their child’s learning

The setting of the tasks to be undertaken at home will be normal practice in our school. The frequency and length of tasks will vary according to the age and needs of the child, and according to the programme of work at the time.

Tasks set will vary in their nature, and will not necessarily be of a formal pencil and paper style.

Tasks may include amongst others reading, the learning of tables, spellings or other materials, completion and/or extension of work begun in class, additional research, collecting information and investigations.

Homework should be set for clearly defined purposes, not for its own sake. It will rarely be appropriate for homework to be set for new work which has not been introduced in class.

Homework set should be followed up in class and it should be made clear to children that, unless clearly specified, homework tasks are not optional.

Failure to complete a homework task should be treated in the same way as failure to complete a piece of class work.

Additional Homework

If a parent feels that particular circumstances (e.g. prolonged absence from school) warrant additional homework, this should be discussed with the class teacher.