Milk and Snacks


Any child of junior school age that wishes to have milk must pay for it. Children must opt to take milk for a whole term. The cost of milk will vary depending on the number of days in that term. As milk is ordered on a termly basis, money paid for milk cannot be refunded, even if your child does not drink the milk due to absence or any other reason.

A letter concerning both meals and milk is sent to parents at the end of each term requesting information for the following term.

Healthy Snacks

Children may bring a snack for their morning break. As a school that promotes healthy lifestyles, we ask that children bring healthy snacks. Children are not permitted to bring sweets to school.

Snack Trays

Snack trays (which include pre-paid milk) are provided for each class during morning break time. Each snack item is 50p.

Drinking Water

Children may bring a bottle of water (not cordial or fizzy drinks) to have with them during lessons. We request that water bottles have sports caps to minimise the number of spillages.