Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement

At Stocksbridge Junior School we the staff, children, governors and parents are working together as a team to create the physical, social and intellectual conditions necessary to promote an effective school where everybody feels they belong, are valued, secure and respected.


Stocksbridge Junior School aims to provide quality educational opportunities for each individual, create confident, active, aspiring and successful citizens who have the skills to achieve to their own potential.


The Broad Aims of the School

  • Children should be able to communicate confidently through talking, listening, reading and writing.
  • To encourage children to strive, to achieve their best and to have high expectations of them in all areas of life.
  • To develop lively, enquiring minds and to encourage the ability to question and argue rationally.
  • To instil respect for beliefs and tolerance of other people.
  • To enquire knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live.
  • To respect and care for the school environment and the local community.
  • The school curriculum is designed to ensure that these aims are met.
  • The curriculum aims to reflect those of the Governors, LA and the National Curriculum.

At Stocksbridge Junior School Every Child Matters!