Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement

At Stocksbridge Junior School we the staff, children, governors and parents are working together as a team to create the physical, social and intellectual conditions necessary to promote an effective school where everybody feels they belong, are valued, secure and respected.


Stocksbridge Junior School aims to provide quality educational opportunities for each individual, create confident, active, aspiring and successful citizens who have the skills to achieve to their own potential.


The Broad Aims of the School


  • To enable the pupils to achieve high standards in the subjects of the National Curriculum and other aspects which the school considers to be important.
  •  To enable the pupils to work effectively and to make good progress in relation to their prior attainment and individual targets.


  • To provide clear leadership and effective management which takes the school forward in its chosen direction.
  • To make the best use of the school’s resources in order to achieve the best possible educational outcomes.
  • To ensure that the school community has access to high quality accommodation and that the pupils are encouraged to contribute to its enhancement.


  • To provide high quality teaching which has clear aims and uses appropriate methods and resources and which is matched to the differing needs of the pupils.
  • To enable to pupils to take increasing responsibility for aspects of their own learning. To use and apply their developing skills and to work collaboratively.
  • To provide the pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum which emphasises English, Mathematics and Computing and which stimulates their interest in a wide range of cultural, aesthetic, physical and environmental issues.
  • To enable the pupils to set themselves high standards, to take pride in their work and to strive towards excellence.


  • To develop the confidence, aspiration and self-esteem of each pupil.
  • To promote tolerance, respect and understanding for all people.
  • To place the school at the centre of the community by working closely with parents and local groups to encourage respect and care of the school environment and local community.
  • To promote a high standard of behaviour throughout the school.
  • To provide a caring, enjoyable and safe environment.