Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning at Stocksbridge Junior School


At Stocksbridge Junior School, we are fortunate to have such amazing and stimulating grounds. This has been enhanced by the creation and development of the Cedarwood area. It is our aim to provide a plethora of outdoor learning opportunities at regular intervals throughout the year. We are also developing a bee colony which will gradually be incorporated into the wider curriculum.





Outdoor learning at Stocksbridge Junior School is a theme we aim to include links to in our wider curriculum. Our intention is to inspire children’s curiosity and interest to explore the wider environment and develop and hone skills, which are carefully entwined into our curriculum. Key life skills such as cooking, first aid and navigation skills are developed as the children pass through their learning journey with us.



At Stocksbridge Junior School, our pupils have three ‘badges’ to work towards each year. These badges have been specifically designed to link to the outdoors but also incorporate key aspects to their year-groups areas of study. For example, one of our Year 3 badges is SJS ready, which looks at key learning behaviours, map making for the school site and creating a ‘who’s who’ poster for their key adults. One of our Year 6 badges is the Outdoor Chef, which looks at preparing a meal for a group of friends to be cooked over an open fire.

There is a page in our school diaries for these badges to be placed and teachers are encouraged to detail what the children have done to complete that badge alongside.




As children move through school, their knowledge and skills will develop progressively, and they will be constantly making links to prior learning whilst also being introduced to a wealth of new skills, which we believe are unique to Stocksbridge Junior School. By gaining their badges, our pupils will have demonstrated a host of skills whilst broadening their leadership styles and sharpening their decision making.