Reading at Stocksbridge Junior School


At SJS, we pride ourselves on celebrating Reading throughout school. Our aim is for all children to become fluent, confident readers who read for pleasure and information. Reading skills are taught and practised throughout all curriculum subjects. In addition, pupils take part in whole class Reciprocal Reading sessions, which focus on four Reading skills: Prediction, Clarification, Questioning and Summarising.

In every class, children get to experience and enjoy a range of high-quality texts through their daily Class Reader, which is delivered by their teacher. This enables pupils to become familiar with a range of stories and helps them to expand their vocabulary and imagination.

Home Reading

In school, we celebrate Home Reading with our ‘Read Yourself Around the World’ system. All pupils have a ‘Reading Passport’ which travels with them as they progress through school. When a pupil has read at home, they receive a reading stamp in their diary. Once pupils have received 30 stamps, they earn a postcard for their first destination and a stamp in their Passport. Pupils are able to earn one Reading postcard per half-term which, throughout the year, will take them to 6 different destinations from around the world. Each set of postcards is unique to each year group, therefore allowing children to earn and collect 24 different postcards throughout their time at SJS!


Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is used in school to monitor children’s independent reading. Once children have finished reading a book, they are able to take an Accelerated Reader quiz using an IPad. The quiz asks children comprehension questions about the book that they have read. Pupils, teachers and parents are able to access the results of these quizzes. Each time a child passes a quiz, the amount words from the book are added to their personal word count. Pupils enjoy taking quizzes on their books and building up their word count. In Celebration Assembly, the class with the highest word count is revealed and rewarded with a class treat. This has motivated many children to read and regularly take quizzes.

Reading Club


On Tuesday and Friday mornings, Year 3 and 4 pupils are invited to the Year 3 mobiles to get in some extra reading practice. This has been well-attended by many pupils who enjoy spending time reading to a family member or Teaching Assistant.