Sex and Relationship Education

Sex and Relationship Education at Stocksbridge Junior School

Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is taught to every year group at Stocksbridge Junior School through the ‘Relationship’ theme in the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) Programme. The SRE programme is age appropriate and takes place in the summer term. Teaching will take place in normal, mixed sex, class groups so that pupils feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible in a safe environment.

Children will be taught several discreet lessons per year in each year group. Much of the content is already covered in the Science curriculum and is appropriate to the age of the children. For example; younger children will look at differences and stereotypes and as they get older body changes, puberty and reproduction.

An overview of the SRE Curriculum:

Year 3 – Differences and Stereotypes
  • Challenging Gender Stereotypes
  • Differences: Males and Females
  • Family Differences
Year 4 – Growing Up
  • Growing and Changing
  • Body Changes and Reproduction
  • What is Puberty?
Year 5 – Puberty
  • Talking about puberty
  • Puberty and Hygiene
  • Puberty

Year 6 – Puberty & Reproduction

  • Puberty and Reproduction
  • Relationships and Reproduction
  • Conception and Pregnancy

The SRE programme at Stocksbridge Junior School do not exist to take over the responsibility of Sex and Relationship education from parents, but to complement it.

A note will be included on the school newsletter prior to teaching the SRE programme and if there are any questions then parents should not hesitate to contact their child’s teacher.