With two more Saturday Series runs to go, SJS is sitting in 14th place out of 52 schools that have taken part to date. Given there are only the two children from SJS taking part so far they are doing really well- each participant earns points towards the total so a couple of extra children could move SJS right up the board. Some schools have quite a few runners bumping up their scores.  In terms of individual results, Flynn is overall 6th/ 19 in the B5 category and Thea 7th/  21 in G5 category so they are trying really hard every month and getting some great results.  I have attached the SYO flyer to be shared to try and attract some extra children along to the final couple of events- you don’t even need to run- walking/jogging around shadowed by an adult is fine so no one needs to feel they can’t take part if not a “runner” and plenty of help is offered by the club to beginners. The white courses for Y3-5 is about 1k long on average and yellow for Y6’s up to around 1.5k so not too far.

The next event is Sat 8th June at Parkwood Springs. 12.30-3pm.

Full results in the link below if of interest.


More info on SYO events at https://www.southyorkshireorienteers.org.uk/