School Meals

School Meals

In response to the change in the Government’s food standards for school meals, Sheffield LA introduced a new healthier menu into Primary Sector Schools. This menu includes more freshly prepared main courses and exciting desserts, providing children with a choice of healthy, balanced meals including freshly prepared vegetarian options. To find out more about school meals and Sheffield’s school caterer, Taylor Shaw, please visit Sheffield City Council’s School Meals webpage.

Our Menu

To ensure that all our children get the meal of their choice each day, we have introduced a colour wristband pre-order menu. During morning registration, children choose from the three/four meal options available on the menu. Each child having a school dinner will then be given a purple, orange, yellow or green wristband. When your child arrives in the dining hall at lunchtime, they will trade their wristband for their school meal. As the kitchen staff will have been given the precise number of each meal that has been ordered, when it comes to service, every child gets the meal of their choice! If you would prefer your child to eat a vegetarian meal, please put your request in writing to the Headteacher.


Payment of School Meals

School dinners are charged at £2.00 per day/£10.00 per week (Price for Term 3 2018/19). It is requested that parents pay for their child’s school dinners on a weekly basis using our online payment facility in ParentMail.

Please note that dinner money must be paid in advance on ParentMail. In the event of there being outstanding dinner payments at the end of the week, parents will receive a reminder email via ParentMail of the amount owed. If there is an arrear of £20 or more, parents will be informed by a telephone call that their child will need to bring packed lunch until the debt has been cleared.

No charge is made for school meals when a child’s parents receive Income Support. If you think you may be eligible, please see the Office Manager who will be able to give you details of how to apply for free meals. Further information is also available on Sheffield City Council’s website.

Packed Lunch

If you prefer, your child may bring a packed lunch in a named container. We ask that drinks are not sent as each child is provided with fresh drinking water in the dining room.

You should be aware that we do not have refrigeration facilities for storing packed lunches during hot weather, so bear this in mind when choosing suitable foods.

We have a continuous sitting and children are cared for by teachers and supervisors employed specifically for this purpose.