Seesaw - The Learning Journal

Seesaw at Stocksbridge Junior School

Technology has fundamentally changed how children grow up, how they see the world, and how they learn. ‘Digital natives’ – our children at Stocksbridge Junior School who were born into a world run by technology  – learn by exploring, collaborating, creating and approaching problems in new ways.  They want learning experiences that allow them to create knowledge themselves. Implementing the Seesaw learning journal into our classrooms allows us to do exactly that.

Stocksbridge Junior School adopted the Seesaw class app in 2017 whilst participating in the ReflectEd – Metacognition Project with Rosendale Primary School. Since then, we have continued to adapt, evolve, embed and make Seesaw an integral part of our curriculum. Our Seesaw learning journals allow our pupils to keep digital records of their learning throughout the academic year, collaborate with their peers and continue their learning remotely.

Please note that we do not yet use the Seesaw Family App.

Seesaw – What is it?

Each pupil at Stocksbridge Junior School is provided with a unique QR code to access their Seesaw Learning Journal. Whilst using this unique QR code, the pupil will only have access to their own posts. Each class teacher has a unique class QR code which will allow teams and pairs to collaborate on their learning in the classroom. View the video to find out what Seesaw looks like for our pupils.

Seesaw – How to log in