School Council

School Council Roles and Responsibilities

Cloakroom Committee:

  • On a weekly basis, at some point throughout the afternoon, go around the cloakrooms with a member of staff to rate the tidiness of the cloakrooms using the score sheet.
  • Order the classes from last place to first
  • Complete the ‘Tidy Cloakroom Award’ for winning class/classes
  • Announce the ‘winning’ class in assembly
  • Put certificate up on or around the door of the winning class

Recycling Committee: 

  • On a Friday afternoon collect recycle boxes and empty in the correct school bin.
  • Make a note of which class recycles well.
  • Use sheet provided.

Playground Committee:

  • Run school surveys to decide what pupils want to improve their playground environment
  • Visit other schools and school websites to get ideas about what other school have done to improve their playgrounds
  • Look through playground catalogues to get a feel for how much various items and equipment cost so we have an idea of how much money is required to improve the various areas of the playgrounds.
  • Report this information to school council, specifically the fundraising committee.

Fundraising Committee:

  • Suggest possible charities / events that we might raise funds for (e.g. hearing dogs, Children in Need, Comic Relief etc).
  • Be aware of what’s needed by school and suggest fundraising ideas for it.
  • Help organise fundraising events with teacher representative
  • Keep treasurer up-to-date with funds raised so far
  • Announce funds raised to school council members to keep them fully up-to-date 

Lost Property Committee:

  • Spend 30 minutes each week sorting through lost property
  • Check property for names
  • Distribute back to children
  • Tidy lost property
  • Once per ½ term lay out lost property – all classes to visit and claim property. 

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