Sports Premium

Since 2013, the Government has allocated all schools in England a sum of money to improve and develop PE/Sports and the health of all children.  The documents below publish details of how Stocksbridge Junior School spends this funding and intended effect it has had on pupils’ PE and sport participation.

How much sports premium funding do we receive?


 2016-17 £9,835
2017-18 £19,850
2018-19 £19,860


£19, 660

       2020-21                                                                                          £19, 380

Swimming results

Our Year 4 children participate in a block of 18 weekly swimming lessons at Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre. Block 1 runs from September to February; Block 2 runs from February to July. The Physical Education, Swimming and Outdoor Learning (PESOL) Team deliver swimming lessons to our children and assess their competency in the water against the National Curriculum objectives for swimming and water safety.